Diagnosing and Treating ADD or ADHD

An attention deficit disorder can be a serious hindrance to success on the job or in school. It can also be accompanied by feelings of depression, and anger. And it often leads to low self-esteem. For the child it can cause family discord, underachievement in school, and difficulty making and keeping friends. For the adult it can put stress on relationships, disrupt job performance and increase the risk of drug or alcohol abuse. Many people with ADD or ADHD are very bright and talented but are prevented from reaching their full potential.

At Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates, we can assist in deciding whether or not you or your child have an attention deficit disorder and provide effective treatment that is tailored to your special needs and circumstances.

Here is what our program looks like:

Remember: ADD or ADHD isn't likely to just disappear. But with professional help you can limit its impact and begin to work toward your full potential in life and you can begin to feel much better.

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