Treating Adolescent Concerns

Adolescence can be a confusing time for teenagers and their parents. Increased irritability and a determination to keep information from parents are typical. So how do parents know when a teenager may actually need professional help? At Chestnut Hill, we understand your teenager's need for privacy. We also understand the concerns of parents especially in light of the risky and harmful behaviors that we often see in teenagers. At Chestnut Hill, a professional who specializes in adolescent concerns will evaluate whether or not there is a need for assistance.

Here is what our program looks like:

As a result of treatment, parents can generally expect to understand how to meet his/her child's specific needs more effectively. Family communication is likely to improve. And most reassuringly, an adolescent will usually like him or herself a whole lot better. Adolescence can be a complicated and difficult time, but it also can be a time of tremendous social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Adolescents are constantly making choices that impact on their futures. If an adolescent is troubled and without professional help, he or she can make decisions that result in problematic, sometimes disastrous, consequences. Let us help a teenager take positive control of his or her life.

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