Anger Management Program

At Chestnut Hill, we understand how difficult it can be to control your temper if you have been abandoned, humiliated or shamed. These are extremely difficult circumstances and sometimes it seems as if you can't stop yourself from exploding verbally or even physically. You soon feel remorseful and promise yourself never to explode again. But you do. Your anger outbursts occur in a vicious cycle often out of your control. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Domestic violence occurs in one-third of all marriages. Anger outbursts are a primary cause of job loss. And evidence continues to mount that our angry attitude is a significant factor in coronary heart disease. If you really want to do something about your anger, we can help.

Here is what our program looks like:

As a result of treatment, you can generally expect to feel much happier and less controlled by feelings of anger or rage. You can look forward to closer relationships with others not interrupted by outbursts of rage.

Remember, anger outbursts can destroy your closest most meaningful relationships and can be dangerous to your health. Left untreated, an anger problem is not likely to go away. Let us help you get your life back on track.

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