A Program for Binge Eating

Feeling compelled or driven to eat can make you feel out of control and crazy. You vow every morning that today is going to be different and that you aren't going to overeat or binge. But during the day, evening or even in the middle of the night, the urge overwhelms you. And you eat and eat until exhaustion calms you and you find relief. By now you feel physically uncomfortable and guilty that you've succumbed. Once again you promise yourself that tomorrow will be different. But, unfortunately, with the new day, the cycle begins again.

At Chestnut Hill, we understand how painful binge eating is, and we understand how difficult it is for you to control it. We can help you to break the cycle, feel better, and gain control of your eating habits and your life.

Here is what our program looks like:

Remember: Binge eating won't just go away. Its negative impact on your health and happiness can get worse. Binge eating can preoccupy you and intrude into many areas of your life. Let us help you get in control of your eating and get your life back on track!

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