Blended Family Program

At Chestnut Hill, we understand the enormous challenge it is to undertake a blended family. In modern America with all the demands on adults, it is already difficult to sustain a healthy marital relationship and family. Blended families make the task doubly difficult. If you are like most blended parents we see, you started off your new relationship happy and optimistic that with love and a lot of work, the new family blend would succeed. Unfortunately, it takes more than love and work to be successful in blended families. Parenting issues that you thought you had mastered long ago explode into confusing difficulty. Eventually, your marital relationship becomes conflicted as you watch your partner side with one or more of the children against you or question your parenting skills. Perhaps you have come to suspect that the rules in a blended family are different. You're right. We can help you learn the new rules.

Here is what our program looks like:

Remember, blended family problems can get worse, sometimes much worse. Left untreated, they can lead to misery for all and even separation or divorce. Let us help you get your family back on track.

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