Marieke Kat, LICSW

Marieke Kat
Throughout our lives we are strengthened by our experiences. Some experiences are welcomed and enjoyed and others are challenging and even devastating at times. The work for all of us in this life is to learn how to cope with and grow from our experiences while empowering ourselves and each other to create more positive ones. We can do this by staying mindful and connected to the strength and stability within us. I believe we have an innate need to connect and feel a sense of unconditional acceptance and this is what therapy can offer.

Training Licensed Clinical Social Worker:NH
Master in Social Work: University of NH, Durham, 2014
Undergraduate Bachelor of Science: University of NH, Durham, 2012

ExperienceThroughout my experience I have had the privilege of working with individuals, families, couples and groups in both the mental health and substance abuse fields in varying levels of care.

Therapeutic Approach/Theories of Practice: I utilize a collaborative, strengths based, solution focused approach. Theories of practice I use include Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

"By sharing our world with others we create the space we need to learn how to ride the waves of our lives"